Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(Drukpa Tse Shi)The first day of Lord Buddha's teaching of 4 Nobel Truth to his first 5 famous & holy sanghas!

Shiva in form of Tibetan (Chakrasamvara) with his female companionship Dorji Pakmo!

Yesterday was Drukpa Tse Shi, the first day of Lord Buddha's teaching of the amazing four Nobel Truth to his five famous & holy sanghas! I took a day off from work so that I can attend a puja session at our Mahayana Buddhist & Gyalugpa sect Gyoutoe temple. For some odd reason,I had decided to put on one of my traditional chupa which dates back to 5th grade & made sure I read all my scriptures perfectly as well. In ancient Pali scripture, it is believed that out of these 5 famous sanghas, two very special ones are: Shariputra and Maudgalyana! Whenever I think of this, it takes me back to good old Nepal. How every single time we used to go to the place where this entire episode took place. During my winter holiday from India, we always go to these holy places in Nepal with my family. Drukpa Tse Shi happened two months after (Saka Dawa)the day when Sidharth got enlightened & achieved the tittle of Lord Buddha. Right after his enlightenment he went to Indira's heavenly kingdom to meet his mother dear and to teach her Buddha Dharma. Thus, on this Drukpa Tse Shi, Lord Buddha was so compassionate to once again step his foot back on Mother Earth to teach & show us the path of Nirvana!

These pictures are from Nepal, @ Nagarkot where Lord Buddha sacrificed his own flesh to feed the tiger mom and her 5 children.

To be continue!!!!!